Prover Systems

Prover Systems

A prover system is required with each fiscal metering system to calibrate and prove the accuracy of the flow meters supplied. At MeTAS we offer a complete range of provers to compliment the selected metering technique, liquid properties, ergonomics and project requirements. Provers can be integrated into the metering package or mounted on a separate skid.

Coriolis metering systems offer size and weight saving and do not require filtration of product but can only meter at low flowrates.

ypes of commonly used proving systems are:

  • Bidirection, displacer type
  • Unidirectional, displacer type
  • Compact (Small volume) Piston Prover
  • Master Meter

Skills and Expertise

The skills and expertise in metering and control systems integration can provide a single integrated process for design and engineering, which enables MeTAS to execute projects with high quality, low operating costs, in a timely manner and safe and comfortable environment for customers and employees.