Positive Displacement Meters

Positive Displacement Meters

The Positive Displacement meter, like the turbine meter has been the traditional method of metering for the last six decades.

Positive Displacement meters provide a high level accuracy and can be used to meter oil with high viscosity. Their size, weight and vulnerability to internal damage, makes them unsuitable for offshore installations. They are a better choice for onshore terminals and industrial plants and are very frequently the preferred method of measurement for Tanker loading and unloading operations.

Lump Sum turnkey or Reimbursable

The Products and Services offered by MeTAS include the conventional metering techniques of turbine meters, positive displacement meters (PD) for oil and orifice meters for gas. MeTAS also utilize the latest metering techniques, such as ultrasonic flowmeters, coriolis meters and venturi meters.

Other products include prover systems, loading and unloading systems, sampling and analysis systems, gas pressure regulation and conditioning systems and metering control systems.

Customer Training

MeTAS provide training to ensure that customers achieve the maximum performance from the metering systems and equipment provided. Training courses can be in-house (i.e. on site at the customer facilities), at the MeTAS facilities or service centers located throughout the Middle East.