Metering Control Panels

Metering Control Panels

MeTAS designs and supplies this ancillary equipment as part of the integrated metering system.

Gas Sampling and Analysis Systems comprise of:

  • Gas conditioning equipment including sample probe, filtration and pressure reduction while maintaining the sample temperature.
  • The gas analysis instruments, such as, chromatographs, hydrocarbon dew point meters, water in gas monitors, relative density meters and Hydrogen Sulphite analyzers.
  • Fully equipped temperature controlled and air conditioned or freely ventilated analyzer houses where the gas conditioning and analysis equipment is installed.

Liquid hydrocarbon Sampling and Analysis Systems comprise of:

  • Sample mixing equipment which may be of proprietary or custom design
  • Sample probe and fast loop pump
  • Sampler and sample receivers
  • Densitometer
  • Water in Oil Meter
  • Viscometer
  • Heated enclosure for the sampler and sample receiver

What We Do

MeTAS has developed the expertise in designing and manufacturing fully assembled and tested fiscal and allocation metering systems for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Complexes and is now able to deliver to the Oil and Gas Industry total instrumentation solutions with single source responsibility and process guarantees.