Venturi Meters

Venturi Meters

The venturi meter is the favoured device for wet gas flow metering. The simplicity of no moving parts makes the venturi meter maintenance free and the dependability allows it to be used in applications with higher turndown rates and/or lower pressures drops.

Wet gas flow metering is a major challenge to the natural gas production industry and potential applications. Many natural gas reserves that initially produced dry gas are becoming wet natural gas producers as the conditions in the reservoir change with age and the natural gas is depleted.

Venturi meters can be manufactured in duplex stainless steel to withstand corrosion as a result of the acidity of the wet gas.

MeTAS Facilities

The MeTAS manufacturing facilities provide an excellent base to serve the Far and Middle East Oil and Gas markets. Located within the free zone provides a cost effective method of manufacturing and extremely good transport accessibility:

  • Distance from Centre Dubai: 25 km
  • Motorway access: 2 km
  • Docks access: 30 km (to Port Rashid)
  • Air freight access: 30 km

Quality and Safety

The fully equipped engineering facility has a total site area of 1,000 square meters and includes a covered workshop bay and covered computer panel and systems staging area, providing a safe and clean manufacturing environment.